The CLONIMAX 3D Printers are designed with ultimate portability and simplicity in mind. The system and software allow you to print great models in a few easy steps, even if you have never used a 3D printer before. The CLONIMAX 3D printers combine years of experience and innovation to make printing 3D models easy through its reliably simple design.

The CLONIMAX 3D Printer consists primarily of the Extruder, Print Platform, Material Spool, and Filament, all supported by the Pedestal. The Printer is initialized with a single switch. 3D Printing software sends the print data from a PC or Mac to the Printer over a single USB cable. The Print Platform moves both vertically and front-to-back while the Extruder moves left-to-right, providing the necessary 3 axes of operation. The Extruder delivers the Filament from the Material Spool into the Nozzle, which heats the filament to printing temperature and deposits it on the Platform.

The CLONIMAX 3D Printer built from high quality components. The CLONIMAX has been continuous printing test for 24 hours in our Lab, the system still work smoothly.

The CLONIMAX 3D Printer can use any type of material such as PLA, ABS and etc. and it can use any size of filament roll. The structure of CLONIMAX made from metal, making it strong and durable.

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